Northern Slopes of Pico Ruivo


Exploring the Natural History of Madeira
Situated in the subtropical Eastern Atlantic some 630 km west of Morocco the rugged and mountainous island of Madeira rises directly from the seas floor to Pico Ruivo at 1861 meters. The remnant of a shield volcano this volcanic landscape has been worn down by erosion and colonised naturally by a range of animal and plant species. The Laurel forest designated as a world Heritage site, forms a direct link to the Neogene (23 - 5.3 MYA) forests of southern Europe and contains the endemic Firecrest and Laurel Pigeon. Madeira's location at the center of Atlantic trade has also seen the introduction of plants from around the world flourish in a number of important gardens. A report of this trip along with a record of the plant and bird species seen can be found at go to Destination - Europe - Madeira - Tour Details - Tour Report.