Wildlife and Landscape Art is run by Martin Beaton and Peter Whitehead.
Martin is an Ecologist and Landscape Architect whose career was principally focused on managing protected landscapes and habitats. For 18 years he was responsible for managing the landscape and biodiversity of the South Downs, latterly as Chief Executive of the South Downs Joint Committee, now a National Park. Throughout his career he has taken every opportunity to study plants and birds in different parts of the world and painted landscapes and wildlife for pleasure. He is a director of Europarc Atlantic Isles (www.europarc-ai.org) and in addition to consultancy work undertakes wildlife tours for Naturetrek (www.naturetrek.co.uk).

Peter is an award winning wildlife photographer. He has had images published in British Wildlife Photography Awards, Bird Photography of the Year, Outdoor Photography, as well as the Sunday Times and the Great Outdoors.

We have a life long passion for landscapes, not simply their natural beauty but understanding the physical and cultural forces that have shaped them and the wildlife they contain. Landscapes form part of our cultural heritage but are increasingly under threat from exploitation, development and standardisation of management and design. Landscapes provide inspiration, a sense of place, and deserve to be recognised and protected.

Although we capture many images by camera, watercolours provide Martin with a greater opportunity to play with composition, colour and light.