Cap de Cavellera on the North Coast from Mt Torro


Exploring the natural history of Menorca.
Menorca, is the second largest island, in the Balearics. The hill country lies in the north-east of the island, rising to the summit of Monte Toto at 357m, and is composed of old siliceous rocks of the Devonian and Jurassic times, while southwards the land gently falls in an undulating plateau of younger Miocene limestones. Menorca hosts a variety of birds as residents or on passage and is rich in wild flowers with over 900 species of flowering plants recorded. Many are those typical of the Mediterranean but some are endemic. Early spring is a great time to visit as the island as it is very quite at that time of year. A report of this trip along with a record of the Bird, and plant species seen can be found at go to Destination - Europe - Menorca - Tour Details - Tour Report